Our Way of thinking and Global activity for Quality control


In the ever-changing global construction machinery industry, we set our business motto that we provide high quality of customer satisfactions and non-defective products.

We have developed the company-wide quality control system. The department holds a monthly meeting for quality improvement and shares the information with all groups.

For more quality improvement, we constantly send the staff of our quality control department from Japan to our bases to instruct and give on-the-job training with Japanese curriculum.


Sole Policy
– Quality assurance and Environmental consideration


Fundamental Principle

“We contribute to our customers
          by supplying always satisfying products and
                    by assuring reliance as well as to our society.”

Leaden Co.,Ltd.; Tsuchiura Office, Tsukuba Office, Kandatsu Plant, and Hitachi Denso Co.,Ltd.; Tsuchiura Plant, are contributing to our society through manufacturing, assembling and the sales of parts for Construction Machinery. Our corporate activity is to achieve both business target and the Sole policy management, Quality assurance and Environmental consideration, as a system, also. The framework for the target is as follows:

  • 1. Sole policy shall be continually updated according to our business target.
  • 2. We shall practice thorough implementation of Sole policy management system, Quality assurance and Environmental consideration, to meet customers’ demands and expectations.
  • 3. We shall set and revise our target for Quality assurance and Environmental consideration along to the Sole policy, while improving customers satisfaction, environmental conservation and preventative measures against environmental.
  • 4. We shall observe the laws and regulations relating to our business activity, products, services and any requirements we agree.
  • 5. To prevent environmental contamination, we shall tackle 3R activity which is,
    Reduce: Reduction of waste material, use of energy and use of resource, Reuse: Reusing resource, Recycle: Recycling resource.

We shall improve our System to implement above keeping our employees and staff be informed about our Sole policy.
Also, shall engage in forming symbiotic relationships with our community.